We offer:

  • - Agile work with your requests
  • - Order on our website
  • - MOQ € 500.00
  • - Help with selection of products and samples
  • - No worries about the documents
  • - Assistance with the Russian customs and international logistics

Conditions of sales:

1.Opening an Account: an account can only be opened under written acceptance of the company, within 24 hours you will get the feedback from our side.

2.Order of goods: Every order has to be transmitted together with the customer code. All orders have to be sent by e-mail (export@imperial-porcelain.net)

3.Reservations: goods can be reserved but all reservations which are not confirmed within one week are automatically cancelled.

4.Lead time:

Positions on stock: 7 working days from 100% prepayment (packing & customs)

Positions to product: 60 days (IPM’s production) + 7 working days from 100% prepayment (packing & customs)

5.Terms of delivery: FCA St. Petersburg.