Connoisseurs of products of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactury

The Imperial Porcelain Manufactury has a lot of admirers around the world. Porcelain products of the Imperial Factory in St. Petersburg have never been ignored by famous people - artists, actors, politicians, the elite of the country. Leonid Brezhnev was very fond of giving porcelain and porcelain to his foreign guests. Statesman of the USSR Andrey Andreyevich Gromyko was also a famous connoisseur of the porcelain products.

The plant was visited by the Russian opera singer, People's Artist of the USSR Galina Vishnevskaya, admiring the beauty and elegance of porcelain products; Famous Soviet actress Tatiana Doronina; singer Lev Leshchenko, Russian politician Sergei Mironov, president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

There are a lot of international admirers of our porcelainAmong: the ex-first lady of the USA Laura Bush, Queen of Malaysia Tengku Fawzia Abdul Rashid, Sheri Blair, the famous French singer Mireille Mathieu, the Greek actor Costas Vustas among them.

All the guests of Russian prime ministers are drinking tea from our mascotte – famous Cobalt net.

The first products of the IPM can not be bought: the first sets were producted for the daughter of Peter the Great, Empress Elisabeth I, and later for Empress Ekaterina II, are kept in the most famous museums of the world. Therefore, collectors all over the world purchase products of a later period, pre-revolutionary products and things of the Soviet period.