The Imperial Porcelain Manufactury represents St. Petersburg and Russia and takes an active part in the social life of the city and various social projects.

As part of its capabilities, the company is open to help all who seek support and need help. But first of all we help orphans, disabled children, children from low-income and large families.

In addition to traditional assistance - the provision of porcelain products - IPM conducts free tours to the production twice a month.

International Tournament of sport dances on wheelchairs "Cup of continents 2012"

September, 8th and 9th, 2012, the Imperial Porcelain Factory became a partner of the International Tournament for Wheelchair Dance Contests "Cup of the Continents 2012", aimed at developing Paralympic sports, attracting young people with disabilities to physical training and sports, drawing public attention to the creation of an accessible infrastructure cities for all citizens. The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory provided memorable gifts for participants.

Master-classes on painting porcelain and excursions

In cooperation with charitable organizations and state social institutions, we monthly conduct free classes and excursions for children in need of guardianship and inmates of orphanages. The main goal of this activity, which is already traditional for IPM, is cognitive and educational, presentation of professions to young visitors of the wide world and awakening the desire for self-realization.

August, 7th, 2012, thanks to the support of the META Education Foundation, 30 children visited St. Petersburg and took part in a master class on porcelain painting under the direction of the painters of the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Since 2011, it has become a good tradition to organize master classes on porcelain painting and excursions for finalists of the International Contest of Children's Creativity "Beauty of God's World". For several years the best IPM masters have helped young artists to develop their talent, discover new opportunities, get to know the history of porcelain painting in Russia.

For the contestants and their parents, a tour of production was held, where they were able to learn the subtleties of making porcelain products, to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactury.

In 2012-2017, IPM held master classes and excursions to the production for students of the GOU for children with developmental problems and disabled people - schools №499 of the Krasnogvardeisky district, and "Mginskaya special (correctional) boarding school for blind and visually impaired children", etc. .

Help children's orthopedic institute of G.I. Turner

In May 2012 the plant was visited by the Honored Doctor of Russia of the Research Institute of Children's Orthopedic Institute of G. I. Turner Vladimir Maslov. He brought drawings selected by the director of the Institute, Alexei Baindurashvili, to small patients who were given unique finger transplant operations. According to the sketches of the children of the master of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, later they produced decorative plates. which were presented by the Director-General of the Institute of Philosophy, to Tatyana Tuilevich as a gift to the Institute on July, 10 at a solemn ceremony in honor of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of G. I. Turnner's hospital for children with pathology of the musculoskeletal system and the 80th anniversary of the founding of the institute. Friendship started a long time ago. Employees of the company often conduct in the Institute master-classes for patients.

International Awards

Products that were created at the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, from the moment of production always became almost invaluable. Works of masters and artists of IPM were repeatedly prized with the highest awards of the largest international exhibitions.

1851 – Gold Medal of the World London Exhibition

1883 – Honorable Diploma for Painting on the porcelain of the World Exhibition in Vienna

1925 – a main gold medal, as well as a number of gold and silver medals at the World Exhibition in Paris

1937 – Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris

1958 – Grand Prix at the International Exhibition in Brussels

1962 – Grand prix at the Prague exhibition of the International Academy of Ceramics

1980 – International award «Golden Mercury»